Bamboo Wood Cutting Board With Handle

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LifeStyleByAmber is presnting Bamboo Wood Cutting Board With Handle.Bamboo is known to have natural anti-microbial properties, which makes it the best material used for any kitchen accessories, including cutting boards.

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  •  Cutting Board: The original and contemporary bamboo cutting and serving boards are indispensable and made to last. Cut in the Kitchen. Serve on the Table. Chop Food Not Trees Our range of cutting and serving boards are up to almost any task. The contemporary designs look great and are designed to perform.
  • Dimension: Large: 18.8*10.2*0.47 inches. Medium: 16.9*9*0.4 inches
    Drip Groove Design: On one side prevents liquid from dripping off of the board, to keep your counters clean and bacteria-free. Flip the board to the smooth side to use as a bread or pastry board.
  • Heim Concept: Cutting boards durability will solve the issues people have with cheap cutting boards. Splitting, warping, and juices running off the cutting boards will be problems of the past.
    Eco-Friendly: Our eco-friendly board is attractive yet functional-allowing you to cut, chop, prep, and serve your food on the same board. Bamboo is easy on knives but stronger than maple.
  • Easy to Clean: Less work to clean than wood cutting boards simply wash with warm water and soap and air dry. No matter what you’re prepping in the kitchen, your cutting board should be durable, safe, and attractive.





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