Perfect 500 ML Water Bottle


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LSA is proudly offering you a Perfect 500 ml water bottle. If you are in sandy dunes of the desert or looking at waves on the beach, then these attractive styles of water bottles will revive your spirit and fulfill your thirst with your favorite drink or you are smashing gym you can easily handle these bottles as they are in perfect shape and size. The perfect 500ml water bottle will fulfill your needs in your household, offices, colleges or gym. These water bottles are made up of high quality and Eco-friendly plastic called Acrylic. These 500 ml water bottles will keep your drink icy cold for a prolonged period. Its stocky lid is an excellent insulator. it’s made up of clear plastic so you can see your drink inside your bottle. Grab this opportunity and fulfill your needs.

Product Benefits:

  • Environmental Friendly: It is environmentally friendly as made up of high-quality plastic (acrylic).
  • Capacity: Bottle has 500 ml capacity.
  • Dimensions: 8 inches of length.
  • Portable: It is perfectly suitable for not only for daily use but also for long trips and adventures.
  • Attractive Design: Its attractive design will satisfy your aesthetic sense and its Transparent nature makes you comfortable having a drink as you can see your drink.